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Learn about the best legitimate work from home jobs that will allow you to earn extra income so you can spend more time with your family and children. Whether you are just looking for supplemental income or hoping to start a work at home business, my goal is to help you achieve this! Since becoming a mother of three children, I myself have searched high and low for the perfect online opportunities to allow me to stay home with my children.

Unfortunately, as you may be finding yourself, there are a lot of scams out there. My hope is to offer real solutions and possibilities. Some of the best reasons to look and apply for online jobs is to spend more time with your kids and to save on childcare! Kids desire time with their parents, but unfortunately it can be difficult to have that quality time when both parents are working long hours outside of the home.

You may also be a professional in the field of working with children, looking for more ways to increase your income. I know how hard it is to stop living paycheck to paycheck. Please fill out the form below to connect with me so I can personally help you find the best option that fits YOU! 

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Not that they should be blamed for this situation, because financial demands require most parents to both work full time. Some families do whatever they can to make things work with only one income, but then struggle with financial difficulties that can also stress a family which ultimately affects a child's behavior. This is especially stressful when you have a child with autism that requires expensive applied behavior therapies.

I understand completely that while it’s so important to be able to be with your family, in today’s society it is very difficult for families to survive on only one income. So, I wanted to search and find information about the best work at home jobs that are real legitimate opportunities. Despite conscious efforts to do this, if for some reason you discover any shared opportunity to be a scam, please contact me as soon as possible.

Scam Free Work from Home

I wanted to start by providing information about what may be considered a scam. Read this first to help you decide what may not be a legitimate work from home job opportunity. It's unfortunate that we live in a world with people that are always trying to make money off the misfortune of others. While there are some very good legitimate work from home jobs, there are also advertised opportunities that are really just scammers trying to get your money. Learn ways to determine whether you are being scammed by clicking on the link above.

Legitimate Work from Home Jobs Selling Products

Learn about legitimate work at home jobs selling products online or in person. There are lots of opportunities that can be suited to your personality and interests. I am not what I would consider to be a salesperson at all! I always hated whenever I had to sell something for school (and still dread when my son comes home with something to sell too!).

However, even I have found a way to earn supplemental income by selling a product I am passionate about. As my sales mentor says, when you are passionate about something it's more about simply sharing than it is about selling, especially when its a product that pretty much sells itself. This option may be a great solution for giving you more time at home or some extra vacation money to spend with your significant other.

Google Work From Home

Discover legitimate work from home jobs and business opportunities you can do with your PC that involves getting paid by Google. Perhaps you need to home school a child due to a sensory processing disorder that causes overstimulation in noisy environments and leads to a child behavior problem at school. Regardless the reason for starting a website, I think this is also a GREAT opportunity for teenagers or college students as well! Creating a website with valuable content is a huge learning experience for kids. It teaches how to research for information, writing skills, about the topic in general, computer skills, and so much more!

I am personally planning to have my own children create a website when they are in high school that can be used to teach skills as well as build a residual income while they are going to college and beyond.

Regardless of your reasons, it is possible to earn money from Google with an online business. Just be sure not to be fooled by the scams out there. You can read more information about how to do this by clicking on the link above.

Start a Blog

If you are looking for self employment work at home that is free, with no start up costs, consider starting a blog. You can write a blog about anything including your children or family, movie reviews, favorite recipes, restaurant reviews, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Once you have acquired a number of entries, you can put up not only Google Ads, but also recommend products from affiliate programs that allow you to earn a commission if an individual clicks on the product and makes a purchase.

Start a Website

The other legitimate work at home job mentioned above besides doing a blog, is to start a website. Although this could be more time consuming and have start up costs, it is more likely to be successful in getting traffic and having more ways to make money.

You can create a site for a local business you already own, a free information site about your passion, such as scrapbooking, flowers, travel spots and/or cooking, or an informational site that also has a product you wish to sell. For more ideas on how to do this click the link above.

Site Build It! – work from home online opportunity

When I first chose to create a website, I researched as much as I could to determine what would be the best fit for me and decided to use SBI! I liked that it provided me with a 10 day action guide giving me all of the tools I needed to start a website right now.

I didn’t have to learn any coding or web design program and it helped show me how to build a site that visitors would love as well as search engines. Helping to give me lots of visitors. For more about my personal story with Site Build It! click the link above.

Phone Work from Home

Virtual call centers are one of the best legitimate work from home jobs, that sometimes offer benefits and allow you to earn extra income. Some even allow their employees to have a flexible schedule and work part-time. Experience is not always necessary. Companies with phone jobs are provided at the link above along with tips for determining whether this is the right job for you.

Free Work at Home Classifieds

Know of any great legitimate work from home jobs for moms and dads? Please share it with others! On this page after careful review from myself to eliminate possible scams, I allow individuals to post information about great legitimate jobs.

While I encourage the majority of them to be work at home positions, there may also be opportunities specifically designed for the working parent to allow more time with family or that offer great family benefits, such as covered daycare expenses.

If you haven't already, be sure to download my eBook with the best tips and techniques for helping all children by clicking the image below!

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