Behavior Charts for Kids

Download free printable behavior charts for kids, including ADHD charts, good for daily use in school or home to help promote positive child behavior. Whether you are having trouble potty training a toddler or getting older children to do homework, using a free potty chart or homework chart is a great way to motivate desirable responses.

Depending on the child and what their needs are, you will find multiple ways to improve different behaviors through the use of a chart. Be sure to check out each one and determine which will work best for your child. 

In addition, I highly recommend checking out my free eBook with great ways to prevent child bad behavior. When all strategies are used in combination with other ADHD or autism treatments, children will be more likely to succeed.

I think that using the resources provided below can be a fun way to get children back on track, but remember they are not intended to be used forever. Help your child learn a behavior and develop it as part of their routine, then with the use of praise and natural reinforcement they should be doing it without the use of a chart.

How to Use Kids Charts

Before viewing all of the printable behavior charts for children it’s important to know how to use charts for kids in a way that will give you the best results. Many parents become discouraged when they don’t see a change in behavior after using the charts.

As mentioned above, you don't want to use the chart forever. Therefore, it's important to learn ways to get a lasting change in behavior. so, be sure to check out the link above and read about these worthwhile tips.

Free Behavior Charts

Free printable daily behavior chart template good for school or home

I have created a large selection of free charts for kids of all different ages and for all different types of behaviors. If you don’t find the kind you are looking for on one page, it is very likely you will find it on another. So, be sure to view all of the pages as I am certain you will benefit from using at least one of these!

Some will have a place to put a sticker, a place for the child to color a star, or place a check mark. Choosing which behavior charts are best for your child depends on age and what will be easiest for him/her to understand.

Examples for certain behaviors to monitor are given for you to review as well as printable blank charts. Those on the page link above are intended for decreasing behavior in older children.

Printable Behavior Charts

Free basketball printable daily behaviour chart template

These are great for younger children or children that are unable to read, in which you are only focusing on one behavior or all generally good behaviors.

You can have him/her place the sticker where it goes, while providing lots of praise and then practice counting with your child until the entire chart is full. Once full, your child will then get his/her prize!

Printable Reward Charts

Free printable daily behavior chart template good for school or home

These allow you and your child to have a set goal in mind that must be met in order to obtain a reward. They are generally good for behaviors you want to increase, such as cleaning up toys, getting dressed independently, or brushing teeth.

I have placed stars in each square for the child to color in themselves (this is so much fun!), but you may also choose to place a sticker over each star as well.

ADHD Charts

Free printable daily ADHD behavior chart for classroom or home

These are designed in mind for a child with ADHD symptoms or other more intense behavioral problems. They allow you to monitor behaviors you are hoping to increase and decrease by using a point system.

Each time your child does a desirable response (e.g. completes assigned chores for kids) he/she earns a point and each time your child does an undesirable behavior (e.g. curses or yells) he/she loses a point. Then, a goal is set for a certain number of points to be earned in order to obtain a reward.

Potty Chart

Free printable potty chart for kids

Potty training kids can be very challenging, especially for children with autism behaviors. However, using potty charts and the potty training guide I have put together; you may actually find it fun to potty train! I know I had a blast using this proven system with my own son and was amazed at how quickly he learned.

More Free Potty Charts

If you haven't already, be sure to download my free eBook with the best tips and techniques for helping all children by clicking the image below!

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