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Free tips for starting phone work from home with a list of companies that offer a virtual call center. Although starting an online business does have more advantages, work at home phone jobs might be a better fit for you. Some will even let their employees have a flexible schedule and work part-time. Experience is not always necessary.

As a mom or dad, it can be one of the best decisions you have ever made to choose to stay at home with your children. This helps to develop a better relationship and can also make it less likely that you will have common child behavior problems due to children trying to get attention.

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So, if you decide these may not be an option for you, also be sure to check out my page with other legitimate work from home business ideas.

Companies with virtual phone work from home (aka: call center jobs)

Live Ops
Stewart Response Group
Working Solutions

Things to consider before choosing a virtual call center opportunity:

1. Job responsibilities – What types of calls will you be responsible for? Will you take calls to process orders, provide customer support or input customer information? Will you making calls as a solicitor and required to sell something?

2. Payment – Determine how the company will be paying you. Will they send you a check or Direct Deposit? Will this phone work from home opportunity that will pay you hourly, salary, or per call? Do you get a set rate or are you paid by commission and bonuses? When do you get paid each month? Are you considered an employee, so that they will take taxes out for you? If they hire you as an independent contractor you will have to pay additional taxes because you will have to pay the full 12% of social security, which is usually partially paid by an employer.

3. Application Process - What type of experience is required? How do you apply? Will you be interviewed in person or by telephone? Will you have to submit to a background check or drug test? How quickly can you get started? Can the position lead to additional career opportunities within the company?

4. What are their benefits? - Do they offer programs like 401K, IRA, healthcare insurance, flexible spending accounts and paid time off? If so, what are the qualifications for being able to access these benefits?

5. Schedule - Will you have a flexible or set schedule? Will your schedule vary each week? Will you set your own schedule?

6. Additional costs – Do they reimburse you for internet or phone access? Are there any start up costs?

7. Job Requirements – Does the phone work from home have a minimum number of hours that you will be required to work? Is there a minimum number of calls you must make/receive? Do they have peak time periods that will allow you to maximize your income?

8. Technical Requirements - What kind of computer and telephone equipment will you need? Is a certain type of internet and/or telephone service required? Do they offer technical support?

9. Training – Does the job require training or certification? Is there paid training? Do you have to travel for training or can you get trained for the phone work from home? Will you be required to attend additional training or meetings throughout the year?

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