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Learn how to create your very own work from home online opportunity, earning money from Google ads or an affiliate program. When looking for great work at home jobs, I discovered that I could either start a blog for free or start a website about a passion, hobby, or in my case, about my acquired expertise in child behavior.

I want to note that this type of opportunity is commonly associated with “Google work from home” that people use to scam individuals into purchasing a kit to do. This is not necessary to earn money from Google ads. You only need a blog or website to create your very own work from home online opportunity.

Why I Chose Site Build It! as my Work from Home Online Opportunity

When I was looking for an online opportunity and first chose to create a website, I researched as much as I could to determine what would be the best fit for me and decided to use Site Build It! I liked that it provides you with all of the following in one place:

Reliable web hosting

Domain Name Purchase Included

Website blockbuilder program (eliminating my need to buy another program and spend countless hours learning web design or html coding. I just type in my content and they do the rest)

Large selection of site design templates to choose from (Separately these can cost money too)

10 day action guide you can read to help you learn how to pick a profitable topic and structure your website so that it is visitor friendly, which search engines love. 

Access to word tracker to brainstorm highly profitable keywords with high demand and low supply based on your topic. (Purchased alone it is more expensive than all of these tools combined from SBI!)

Multiple resources, articles etc. on ways to build traffic for free and ways to monetize/ make money with your site.

Online forum community of other SBI owners that can answer questions or that share additional secrets to success in gaining traffic. When considering making a website to create your own work from home online opportunity it is important to consider how to get visitors. No visitors mean no clicks and therefore no money.

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I also loved the idea of writing about a topic I truly enjoy, making my work from home online extremely fun. Other ideas include a site or blog with food recipes, travel tips, how to write a resume, restaurant reviews or activities for children. You can even live your dream of a work at home craft job as the woman in the above video illustrates she has chosen to do.

I have had my site for over seven years now and my traffic is constantly growing with it even being featured in a psychological thriller with a release date in November 2016. 

I have done this without paying for any additional advertising or paying for directory listings. I would probably have even more traffic, but have chosen to continue working my current job part-time giving me less time to work on it. If I can do it so can you!

What really excites me is that not only do I absolutely love this new found online career, I feel like I have created a long term retirement income for my husband and I. So, even if this may not solve your money troubles today, it is still worth considering as a spare time hobby in order to earn income 20, 30 or 40 years down the road when you are hoping to retire.

With the economy today, insecurity in social security funds and many individuals not having any leftover money to save, making sure your future is secure so that your children aren’t left to pay for your care is also important.

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