Chore Charts

Check out my free printable charts for kids, including family chore charts and chores list by age, to help your children know what to expect and provide positive behavior supports for helping around the house. Probably one of the biggest challenges is getting children to contribute to household tasks. Many times you may get them to do something, but their attitude is anything, but positive.... (e.g. "Fine! I'll do it!" (Loud Sigh))

Printable certificates for kids, charts, and praise are all great ways to show your children appreciation for the work they are doing around the house. They may also provide extra encouragement for something your child did above and beyond what they would normally do on their chores list hopefully encouraging a positive attitude as well.

Chores for Kids

The page listed at the link above provides a great way to learn the best ways to gain compliance in addition to the use of chore charts. By applying these methods along with the incentive chart you will be on your way to a cleaner home and happier household! The best part about these techniques is that they help to eliminate the typical protests kids have when asked to do things around the house.

Changing a child's mindset and helping them see that you are a family/team that has to work together is a great place to start. At my house, we like a little competition as well and frequently get more accomplished this way.

How to Use Kids Charts

printable kids charts

When you are using printable behavior charts for children, it's extremely important to use the correctly. Not only are they a great way to establish chores or monitor other behavior, but they make it WAY more fun! They can be used to increase desirable behaviors or decrease undesirable behaviors.

However, there are some simple rules that you will want to follow to make sure that they have the desired effect you are looking for. So, be sure to read the page through the link above about the best way to use these for kids.

Free Chore Charts

free chore charts for kids

The page at the link above allows you to download and print free chore charts for children and families. They may be printed off weekly or laminated in order to reuse each week with a marker or stars. Use an individual one for each child or check out those for the whole family. These can be found by clicking on the links or pictures. 

free family chore charts for kids

Family Charts

Posting a chart for the entire family not only helps children learn what their responsibilities are, but also helps them see the hard work that their parents are doing on a daily basis. It puts into perspective the importance of working together in order to accomplish something. Click on the link above to find something for everyone!

Chores List

chores list for kids by age

Not sure what to have your kids do? When determining what types of chores for kids are appropriate, review this sample children chores list by age. Assigning even just one chore for a child as young as age 2, is a great way for them to learn that helping others is fun.

Especially when they are more than able to do a chore with mom or dad's supervision and assistance, such as putting silverware in the dishwasher, transferring clothes from the washer to the dryer, or cleaning up small messes with a dust buster.

My son has loved doing these things since he was about two years old and continues to do these and more things now that he is a lot older. The best part is that when I ask him, I usually get a cheerful, "Okay!"

Printable Certificates for Kids

printable certificates for kids, blank award certificates

For children that go above and beyond their role in the household or that often help others in the home with a chore, you may be interested in downloading some free printable certificates and blank award certificates.

They are a great way to recognize your child for those efforts and can easily be placed on the refrigerator for everyone in the home to see. They may also serve as a motivator for other children in the home to go above and beyond as well.

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