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Learn how to start online business work from home for moms and dads using Google, an affiliate program, and advertisers. While it may be difficult to determine whether many opportunities are actually scam free, there are some legitimate possibilities out there for parents to be able to stay with their family without finding a job. This can be especially important for families of children with down syndrome or a pervasive developmental disorder. For this reason, I am excited to share more information with you about some legitimate opportunities. 

Currently, I am aware of two possible options for online business work from home. You can start your own website and earn money from Google ads, affiliate programs, and other advertisers. The other option is to start a blog to earn extra income from similar sources. Both will take time and effort. You will not gain a substantial salary overnight, but if you think long term, they can help you to phase out of your current job within 1-3 years depending on the time and motivation you have.

Starting a website in order to do online business work from home...

This is probably the most common online business work from home that you can do. The best part is that you can build a website about anything and anybody can do this. You could start a site about a specific place to travel, gardening, juggling, birthday party ideas, wedding flowers, etc. Whether you are an expert with information to share, have a really great hobby you are passionate about, or have developed a product you wish to sell, the possibilities are endless.

Starting your own site involves a few things. You have to find a suitable website host, which will cost some money, purchase a domain name (not too expensive), and purchase/learn a web design software (can be somewhat costly and time consuming). Then, it is extremely important to develop a tentative sitemap and research highly profitable keywords for each content page to ensure lots of traffic from search engines.

Finding keywords should be high in demand and low in supply, so that you don’t get lost amidst the other thousands of sites and can hopefully end up on one of the top three pages for search results of that keyword. Most important is to over deliver on really great content that will keep your visitors coming back for more.

If choosing to do everything on your own, just be sure to get a reputable host. It can be tempting to cheap out and go with one that is either free or inexpensive. However, these are more likely to have servers that fail, which can lead to lost traffic and frustrated visitors. The free ones may also choose at anytime to discontinue their services, which could suddenly end your website.

Solo Build It! – All in One Site builder

When I first chose to create this site, I researched as much as I could to determine what would be the best fit for me and decided to use SBI! I liked that it provided me with a 10 day action guide giving me all of the tools I needed to start a website right now.

I didn’t have to learn any coding or web design program and it helped show me how to build a site that visitors would love as well as search engines. This has helped to give me the traffic I need to make money off of the monetization models I chose. For more about my personal story with Solo Build It! click the link above.

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