Autism and Vaccinations: Are Immunizations the Cause?

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Guide to learning about autism and vaccinations, such as the MMR vaccine, causing neurological disorders. Currently, one of the most controversial theorized autism causes is related to childhood immunizations.

While, there have not been any official studies supporting evidence of vaccines contributing to autistic disorder, there have been a lot of parents noticing a distinct difference in their child following a vaccine, especially the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine.

Regardless of what decision you make as a parent, I believe that making an informed decision is the most important thing you can do for your child. I offer some great resources that I have found to be helpful in my own decision, which can be found on the resources page listed below.

Are Vaccines Causing Autism?

Despite recent studies stating vaccines do not cause autism, why do so many parents remain skeptical to believe this information? Perhaps because there is frequently conflicting information provided in the media and research stating things such as, vaccines are safe but may cause adverse events in individuals with immune system problems. Learn theorized reasons vaccinations may be causing spectrum disorders.

Which immunizations are concerning?

Are there certain immunizations that are worse than others? Based on information provided by the CDC website, there can be worse adverse events associated with certain ones. There are also some vaccines which contain more additional ingredients that may be questionable in terms of their relative safety.

The Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute also provides what appear to be some alarming apparant associations between autism and vaccinations that contain aborted fetal tissue. Learn about those that parents are most concerned about and those that professionals have warned about.

Autism and Vaccinations like the MMR Vaccine

Typically, the most commonly refused vaccine is the Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) due to the speculation that autism and vaccinations like this one are potentially correlated. This became a huge controversy after Andrew Wakefield conducted research claiming that it was linked not only to autistic disorder, but also medical conditions commonly found in diagnosed children.

Although, the results of his research have been discounted and withdrawn due to what was determined to be a conflict of interest, find out why he made these claims and what others are saying about his research.

The Immunization Side Effects Debate

Continuing the debate, there are some things a parent can do to help decrease the chances of adverse effects, such as giving your child certain vitamin supplements immediately prior to each set of vaccines.

Gather resources that help you learn the ingredients and possible adverse effects associated with vaccinations and ways to help avoid those events for parents that do choose to vaccinate.

More Information about Immunizations

Gain access to the most recent article vouching for the safety of vaccines as well as a very intersting article about a population that suprisingly has a much lower prevalence rate than other populations. Although it is mere speculation it appears that this may be potentially associated with vaccines being that this particular population typically does not vaccinate.

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