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If you're looking to learn about legitimate Google work from home that offers scam free online business opportunities you can do with your PC, you've come to the right place! Being able to stay with your children due to a child behavior problem at school or because he/she has autism signs and really needs that extra attention, can be priceless. 

However, it can be difficult finding the right opportunity to give your family the added income it needs to do this. I know it can be very frustrating with all of the websites out there enticing you to purchase their “kits” that will allow you to earn $267/ day with their work at home online opportunity. Not to burst your bubble, but do not buy these. They are a scam.

Despite this, it IS possible to earn money with legitimate and free work from home employment that does involve earning money from Google. Have you ever noticed the links on a site or blog that have the words “Ads by Google” next to them? While it may take a lot of effort on your part, it is possible to be a stay at home mom or dad to be there for your kids, especially if they have autism or behavioral challenges.

These are provided for free and whenever a visitor clicks on one to view the ad, the site or blog owner is paid anywhere from 10 cents to 10 dollars by the advertiser. So if you are looking for a legit opportunity, this may be your best option. However, this is not a get rich quick scheme. Although the concept is relatively simple, it does require effort and an investment of time. 

Where to Begin

Free Google Work from Home Online – Start a Blog

The way to do this for free, with no start up costs, would be to start a blog. You can write a blog about anything including your children or family, movie reviews, favorite recipes, restaurant reviews, etc. The possibilities are endless. Once you have acquired a number of entries, you can put up not only Google Ads, but also recommend products from affiliate programs that allow you to earn a commission if an individual clicks on the product and makes a purchase.

Just check out one of my favorite blogs Gluten Free Goddess to see all of the different ways to earn money by the ads and advertisements. Karina, the writer, appears to have made this a career, devoting lots of time and effort perfecting recipes, taking pictures and making posts. For more information about how to do this click the link above.

Google Work from Home- Starting a Website

The other option is to start a website. This is most likely more time consuming and will definitely have start up costs. However, this option is more likely to be successful in getting traffic and having more monetization opportunities. You can create a site for a local business you already own, a free informational site about your passion, such as; child behavior, scrapbooking, flowers, travel spots and/or cooking, or an informational site that also has a product you wish to sell.

Similar to the blog, you can earn money from Google ads, affiliate programs, and advertisers. The difference would be the ability to get traffic by having pages on your site more likely to be found by search engines. You need lots and lots of visitors to make money. No traffic means no clicks and therefore no money. For more ideas on how to do this click the link above.

Site Build It!

When I first chose to create a website as a way to do google work from home, I researched as much as I could to determine what would be the best fit for me and decided to use SBI! I liked that it provided me with a 10 day action guide giving me all of the tools I needed to start a website right now.

I didn’t have to learn any coding or a web design program and it showed me how to build a site that visitors would love as well as search engines to get lots of traffic. For more about my personal story with Site Build It! click the link above.

Is there a real Google work from home online job?

Yes and No. Google does have job opportunities all over the world that may involve working from your house. The majority of the jobs that I could find required a degree and did not specifically state that you would be able to do it from your house, implying there was likely an office that you would need to go to. So, while this may be an option given you happen to have the right degree and experience, it is most likely not a valid option for many parents.

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