Free Printable Behavior Charts

In addition to my first page with free printable behavior charts, these are also good for teachers or parents to use at home or in a classroom at school to help improve positive behavior. Reward charts for kids are a great way to decrease preschool behavior problems as well as negative behaviors in older children! They may even be used to increase compliance with chores around the house when used as a chore chart.

Just be sure to look at each option before determining which will be best for your child. Things to consider are how they may respond to one using punishment and rewards (extreme aggressive behavior in children would indicate not using anything punishment based).

What is their cognitive ability? Will they understand what you are communicating when using the chart? Consider if the child can read and if not, using a picture token board is likely the best option, such as those on the page with a basketball and flower picture.

Homework Charts

Free printable homework chart

If you are having trouble motivating your child to do homework or are looking for something to help your child become more organized with assignments, these are the perfect solution! Used in combination with the list study tips I created you will be on your way to a happier household for everyone. Why struggle every day when it’s as simple as downloading free printable behavior charts for homework that will make your life easier?

Sticker Charts

Free Printable Sticker Chart

These particular free printable behavior charts allow you to have your child choose his/her favorite stickers to be placed in the squares as each task or behavior is completed. Once you establish a goal and your child meets it, you can celebrate with his/her chosen reward. If the child is highly motivated by stickers, these can work great to reinforce behavior despite not getting a desirable item until after earning a few stickers first. There are three to choose from, one for girls, one for boys, and one that is gender neutral.

Feelings Charts

Free printable feelings charts

Getting children to talk about their day can be harder than pulling teeth sometimes! That’s why I have created some really great feelings charts to facilitate communication between parents and their children. The child picks out a feeling they had that day and then states what caused the feeling. These are a fun, but simple way of getting a child to open up and to strengthen your relationship. There are two to choose from, one that is more complex for children with good language abilities and a more simplified version.

Incentive Charts

This incentive chart is for picky eaters to encourage them to try new foods. Studies show it can take more than 10 attempts at trying a new food before a child may like it. This allows parents to reward the behavior of trying the food, while also hopefully increasing the types of things a child is eating. Be sure to use a strong reward (perhaps a yummy dessert!) for each time the child tries, until they are more willing to try things. Then gradually fade the reward over time. I have already gotten my son to try raw cucumbers, carrots and red pepper and I thought for sure he never would! He even asked for more the other day!

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