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Learn about opportunities to work from home selling products online or in person. Being able to spend more time with your family is so important when you have children.

Especially, if your child has signs of ADHD, dealing with child behavior alone can be a full time job. However, I definitely know it can be extremely difficult to find scam free work from home opportunities.

work from home selling

If you are confident that you would enjoy selling a particular product at parties or are hoping to possibly start your own business to exclusively work at home and sell online products, some of these ideas may be a good option for you. If not, no need to be disappointed. You may also be interested in my page with other legitimate work from home jobs.

Mostly Work from Home Selling at Parties or to Friends

The first option would involve starting a career in sales. Some reputable companies I am aware of include; Avon, vacuum cleaners (The Kirby or Rainbow brands), organic health and wellness products (, Discovery Toys ( and Premier Designs Jewelry ( With special incentives to host a party, it can be easy to find a receptive audience that allows you socialization time as well.

These opportunities usually let you make your own schedule and earn decent income. Especially if it’s a product you truly believe in and find fun to sell, this could be one of the best work at home jobs for you. However, keep in mind you may not make money until you have sold a product, part of the duties may require going places at times and there might be start up costs.

The company I am most familiar with is Premier Designs. This is considered to be a Christian work at home opportunity established on biblical principles. It allows individuals to sell the company's jewelry and earn commission off of each sale. It was started with the intention of giving families an opportunity for mothers to stay with their children.

The host earns a very generous amount of jewelry for having the party and the jeweler also makes a generous amount off of any sales. You can make your own schedule and choose how many hours to devote each day. I attended a party myself and absolutely loved the jewelry. You do have to buy some inventory to show at parties, but I believe you can also wear what you buy to show!

Online Business Work from Home Selling– Start a Website

The other option is to start a website that you can use to sell online products. This is most likely more time consuming and will definitely have start up costs. However, this option has endless possibilities for getting traffic and having additional monetization opportunities.

You can create a site for a local business you already own and work from home selling products worldwide or create a product. If you are the creative type, you could turn it into a work at home craft job that would allow you to also sell the items at local craft shows. In addition to this you could earn money from Google ads, affiliate programs, and advertisers. For more ideas on how to do this click the link above.

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