Free Potty Charts

Here you can download free potty charts for kids to help reward the beginner skills and make the process even more exciting when toilet training toddlers or children with developmental disabilities, like autism. Breaking down different parts of going to the bathroom and reinforcing all steps of the process helps to focus on what your child needs to learn in order to become trained. Once they are able to do the listed behaviors, you can begin to work on getting them completely out of diapers for good by following my potty training guide.

One of the most important things to remember is to keep a positive attitude about your child's progress no matter how quickly or slowly they are learning. For some children, they will transition very easily to wearing underwear all the time and not having any accidents, but for others you may need additional help. It can get frustrating at times throughout the process, but always remember that accidents are part of learning! So, be sure to check out my page with additional potty training tips.

Download a Chart for Potty Training Kids

free potty chart for potty training kids

Note: You will need Adobe Reader (the latest version is recommended and available to download below) installed on your computer and pop up blockers disabled in order to open and print a free chart.

You can get Adobe Reader here (a new window will open so you can download it without leaving this page, but you will need to temporarily disable any pop up blockers to open the new window and the chart).

Before using the free potty chart, determine a number of stickers your child will need to earn before getting their big reward. There is a place to write this at the bottom of each chart. Then you may also choose some smaller reinforcers that would work well, to provide additional encouragement along the way. This may be something, such as 10 minutes of extra TV time or a piece of candy. Don't forget to give lots of verbal praise as well!

free potty chart to be used with potty training tips

Below are some additional items that can help potty training kids go even faster. I used them to help train my own children while doing potty training in three days...

I was actually suprised at how much my kids loved the Bear in the big blue house movie and the Potty Time book has a button you can push to hear the sound of a toilet flushing. The musical potty chair sings a song every time they go, which was a huge reinforcer for them!

free potty chart including potty training behavior suggestions

More Free Potty Charts

free potty chart
potty chart

Download an additional free behavior chart and/or printable certificates for kids:

free printable sticker charts
printable certificates for kids

free printable kids charts
free behavior charts

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