Potty Training in Three Days

Little girl sitting on toilet working on potty training in 3 days

Free guide to potty training in three days. For toddlers and older kids using reward charts, coloring pages, and information about when and how to start getting your child trained. This can work for all children including those with autism signs. Knowing when to start potty training is important before attempting the program, to make certain your child is ready.

You will also want to gather all of the necessary tools needed for training and consider downloading my free potty charts, related coloring pages and certificates for children to aid in motivation.

free potty chart

Potty Training in Three Days - Day One

The first day of the potty training in three days process is going to be the most work, so be prepared. Consistency, patience and dedication will determine your success. This is a modified version of the Dr Phil potty training program.

After making sure your child is ready and having all of your necessary potty training tools you are ready to schedule day one! Prior to day one you will want to remove all toys that do not involve the potty and eliminate any other distractions, such as having younger children go to grandmas or a friend’s home. Older children can sometimes be helpful in modeling toileting behavior.

1. Start the day giving your child lots of fluids and a small breakfast. (You will want your child to still be somewhat hungry so that the treats/snacks you use as reinforcers have more leverage.)

Potty Training in Three Days with a Doll

2. This step includes using an anatomically correct doll in training that wets I recommend this because it makes the day more fun and allows your child to understand the process much more quickly, but is not necessarily required. Training may take longer, but if you decide not to use a doll skip this step.

• Put doll in big kid underwear.
• Assist your child in feeding the doll a bottle.
• Allow your child to see that the doll is dry and pretend to give the doll a small treat while praising “Good job staying dry!”

• Have the doll accidentally wet his/her pants and show your child the doll is wet, then say “Uh Oh! It looks like (name of doll) needs to practice going potty!”
• Go to different parts of the house, then run to the toilet and place the doll on the potty. Do this 2-3 times.
• Change the doll’s pants to dry and give the doll another pretend reward with praise for staying dry.

• About 5 minutes later say “What’s that (doll name)? You have to go potty?” Then take the doll and have it go on the toilet.
• Go crazy with excitement, give the doll a pretend reward, praise, high five, and do a potty dance all around the house with your child singing “(Doll name) went pee on the potty, (doll name) went pee on the potty!”
• Talk about what a big kid (doll name) is!

Have a Big Kid Party

certificates for children

3. Have a big boy or big girl Party

• Get rid of diapers
• Show your child his/her new big kid underwear and put them on (I recommend starting with thicker cloth training pants, and vinyl covers. To help with messes you can also layer them.)
• Give a Big Kid Certificate, I have made one free for you to download.

How to Start

4. Continue giving lots of fluids to increase your child’s need to use the toilet

5. Have boys and girls train by sitting down.

6. Start by having your child sit on the toilet or potty for a few minutes, then every 15 minutes have your child sit.

7. Try putting your child’s feet in warm water while turning on the faucet to encourage urination. (This trick worked like a charm for my son, since our biggest challenge was getting him to go that first time on the potty!)

When your child goes:

8. Anytime your child urinates or has a BM:

• Go crazy with excitement
• Give a small treat and praise
• High five and do a potty dance all around the house with your child singing “(child’s name) went pee/poop on the potty, (child’s name) went pee/poop on the potty!”

9. Allow your child only to play with the potty training in three days activities listed on the tools page in between 15 minute increments of attempting to go.

10. Every 5-10 minutes, show your child he/she is dry and give your child a treat for staying dry while saying “Good job staying dry!” This is an important part of the potty training in three days.

Potty training accidents

11. If your child has an accident:

• Do not scold or this could delay your progress. Accidents are part of the learning process.
• Say “Uh Oh! It looks like (child’s name) needs to practice going potty!”
• Go to different parts of the house, then run to the toilet, pull down pants and have child sit on potty. Do this 5-10 times.
• After 2-3 accidents, if your child becomes aggressive or angry about practicing going to the bathroom, reduce to sitting on the toilet only one time. Then, say in a non-scolding neutral tone of voice, “Poop and pee go in the potty.”

What comes next:

12. Make sure you do not use disposable training pants except for sleeping. Your child will go in his/her pants if wearing disposable training pants because it is hard to feel that an accident has occurred. This strengthens the response of going in pants instead of the toilet, thus undoing all of your progress.

13. Once your child goes to the bathroom and urinates independently for the first time without any prompting, go on to

Potty Training in Three Days- DAY TWO


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