Tantrum at preschool openhouse

by Caroline
(Detroit, MI)

Although we had experienced some tantrums prior to this day, nothing could have prepared me for this one. We went to check out my son's new preschool, meet the teacher, you know that sort of thing. When it was time to go, my son gave a few statements of "No!" However, the time was ending and I had to get to the store before going home.
It started as me chasing him around the school and resulted in me carrying him out while kicking, screaming, and pulling the hair out of my ponytail (I think I looked like a crazed woman at this point).
Later I realized that he had pulled an earring out of one of my ears, which was long gone by this point.
I guess I can laugh about it now, especially since they have steadily gotten better now. It's like you hit a maximum intensity and as long as you follow through on what you say is going to happen they eventually go away.
Not looking forward to this phase with the next one, but in the end it's always worth it!

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