Are Vaccines Causing Autism?

health practioner holding vaccine shot in hand despite the debate surrounding vaccines causing autism

Are vaccines causing autism? Discussions about the most controversial topics including the MMR vaccine and other immunizations suspected of adverse effects.

Currently, there are an overwhelming number of parents right now that are scared to vaccinate their children. Despite recent studies stating vaccines do not cause autism, why do so many parents remain skeptical to believe this information?

I think a valid point, also brought up by Dr Sears on an episode of Dr Oz, is that the majority of evidence to disprove this theory is funded by the pharmaceutical companies that make millions (or probably even billions) of dollars off the vaccine industry. Those not funded by pharmaceutical companies seem to be financed with federal funds, which in my own personal opinion are just as likely to “influence” the results of a study.

It doesn’t help that in 2010 CDC vaccine safety researchers were investigated for fraud due to falsifying documents and emails showing attempts to cherry pick facts about their safety. Could you imagine what would happen if a study actually did prove a link between immunizations and autism? The chaos and lawsuits would probably result in a situation the government does not want to deal with, especially since most states mandate by law that children be vaccinated.

The only study that did claim to provide a link between the MMR vaccines causing autism was conducted by Andrew Wakefield, a surgeon and medical researcher. Four years after the study other researchers claimed to be unable to replicate his findings and that the results of his study were influenced by unidentified financial conflicts of interest. I have to wonder if his results were proven to be invalid due to the effect they had on parents refusing to give their children the MMR vaccine.

So... Are vaccines causing Autism?

There really isn’t a definitive answer to this extremely important question regarding the safety of our children. The most recent study claims it does not cause it, but even an associated individual to that research stated that while you can state that conclusions don't support a correlation you can never prove that there isn't a correlation.

At some point in time we also thought that smoking cigarettes and mercury were safe as well and look how that has turned out. That's not to say I am entirely against vaccines, but I think it would be best to look further into the possible reasons as to exactly which possible vaccines cause autism and why they may be the cause.

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