Autism and ADHD

by Rachel

Question: I have a son who will be 15 next month. He was diagnosed with A.D.H.D. at 12 and has just been diagnosed with A.S.D. Life is hell. Any ideas?

Answer: I highly recommend you check out my free ebook Child Behavior Guide: What you need to know. You can download it by clicking on the image.

I would also check with your local school systems to see if you are able to get any in home services for free or little cost. Many places offer respite and habilitation services that allow you to hire a caregiver and get a break. They may even have a behaviorist come to evaluate and write a treatment plan.

After reading my free ebook, be sure to also check out my pages on ADHD treatment and Autism treatments.

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Autism and ADHD

by TriciaTaylor
(Decherd Tn USA)



Adhd, mild autism, Learning Disablities and more

Question: My name is Tricia Taylor. My son is Joshua Taylor. He is seven years old. He has ADHD, mild Autism, learning disability and more.

He has so much wrong with him. I have him on meds and it makes him more angry. He spaces out, won't eat, and he has a behavior problem. He is so angry. What should I do about this?

Answer: If the medication he is taking causes him to become angry, then I would highly recommend talking with your prescribing doctor about changing the dose or taking a different medication.

You may also want to read my free ebook with great ways to help prevent behavior problems for children with autism and ADHD. Just click on the book.

child behavior, child behavior problems ADHD

Some of these include using a picture schedule, making sure he is getting recommended hours of sleep, and looking for any possible hidden food allergies.

It's also possible he is having reactions to artificial colorings, such as, red dye 40 or food preservatives, such as BHA and BHT. These have been known to exacerbate ADHD symptoms.

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