5 year old grand daughter takes diaper off of 2 year old nephew.

by Paul

Question: My 5 year old grand daughter has, on a few occassions, taken the diaper and pants off of her 2 year old nephew. Then she acts as though she had nothiong to do with it. She also has displayed an intent interest in watching when his diaper is changed, focusing on his private parts. She once drew a picture of her dad nude, and when asked about it said that it showed his genetalia...not her words. Does anyone have any information on this?

Answer: Curiousity of body parts in children, especially the opposite sex, can be very normal. The parts are different from their own, so they are trying to understand and learn about these differences. Drawing a nude picture of her dad is slightly concerning, but could also merely be a way for her to learn about these differences.

If it is accompanied by any other unusual behavior or if she attempts to inappropriately touch, simply talking to her about what is okay and not okay should help. You may also consider getting a book for children that discusses private parts and reading that to her with her parents permission. Here is one option...

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