3 years old girl dropping pants down in class

Question: My daughter's been going to school since October and this is her first year. She's been at daycare for one month before that. During the first 2 months, teachers were saying she was a bit moody and doesn't mingle or play with kids much.

Now after 3 months, they said she is way better and started to open up to other kids, but one incident shocked me. They said that earlier last week she took her pants off in class and started playing Dr. game with her nephew (who is in same class with her).

They said this happened 2 times already. I find this very shocking for me because she doesn't usually play this game with anyone...Even with her nephew outside school...they just don't play these kind of games...Please advise...what is this all about?

Answer: This can be a completely normal behavior for a child to try and imitate playing doctor. They really just need to be told that it is not appropriate to play doctor in that way and to be shown what things are appropriate when playing doctor (ex. taking temperature, blood pressure, checking reflexes on knee, etc.)

I would also recommend talking to her about private parts on the body and you may even want to check out some children's books to read to her about the subject.

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