PECS Training for Teaching Communication

Learn how to get PECS pictures and use them for children with pervasive developmental disorders (PDD-NOS) or in need of speech therapy activities. Picture exchange communication systems help children without verbal language communicate, which is a key component to eliminating a child behavior problem. Communication pictures will also help them learn to associate certain objects with its appropriate word.

If used during discrete trial training, your child is more likely to learn how to say the word due to repetition when using PECS. Autism treatments often focus on these methods for teaching kids to communicate, but they may also be used for other individuals with speech impairments as well.

Sample PECS to download for a Picture Exchange Communication System

PECS are also great for all kids and not just those with PDD-NOS to use in a picture schedule letting them know what to expect during the day. I have used one with my son to help him adjust to a new schedule and to provide him with a visual of what is expected of him during the day. This usually includes things such as getting dressed, taking care of his mealtime dishes, brushing his teeth and cleaning up toys.

They have been wonderful for helping him develop independence in doing these things and eliminates the need for me to constantly nag him. Although there was effort in creating them and it took time to get him doing things without being asked or shown, it is so worth it in the end!

How to Get PECS Pictures

The best way to get communication pictures without paying a lot is by using a clip art program from your computer. This allows you to search for either real photos or cartoons of the pictures you need.

Insert them into a table in a word document with cells adjusted to your preferred size. Then, I would recommend taking them to a local print shop, have them printed and laminated so you can cut them into squares. An example of a sheet I made from clip art is shown above.

This can be a really fun activity if you are able to get your child to possibly help you point and pick out which pictures they like of different objects. You may also want to insert text boxes in order to label each picture. This helps to avoid the possibility of getting confused when others also use this method to communicate with your child.

Creating a communication system through the use of clip art, although very cost effective, can be very time consuming. So, other options include purchasing a software program that makes it very easy to choose what you would like to print.

There are some that can be purchased already laminated and cut out for you to use immediately. These often come with velcro on the back, so they can be easily stored in a book and used to create sentences on a velcro strip.

Knowing PECS training is very important or else you may assume that they are not effective in teaching your child how to communicate. So, be sure to also check out the page for this!

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