My 6 year old daughter is obsessed genitals

by Saranne
(Birmingham, uk)

Question: Since the age of 2 my daughter has been playing with her privates. She is 6 now and has a 3 year old sister. I can't leave them alone together for any length of time as I find my 6 year old has stripped off her own and her sisters clothes and pokes and prods at both of their privates.

I have sat her down and explained that it is wrong and she must not do it but she just will not stop! There has never been any kind of sexual abuse and they are both happy children with a healthy family life. Please help, I just don't know how to stop her.

Answer: Without meeting your daughter and being able to do a thorough assessment, it is difficult for me to give you specific advice about your situation.

This type of behavior can be very serious, especially if she were to be trying this with playmates from school. I would normally recommend initially talking to her and reading books about how your body is private, but if you have already been doing this and it is not working then you need to seek professional help as soon as possible from a local therapist that specializes in this.

Keep them separated or supervised at all times in the meantime. You may want to invest in a video monitor so you can supervise while you are making dinner or switching loads of laundry. If possible do not allow them to share a room and you may want to put an alarm/chime on both of your children's doors to know when they are going in and out at night.

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