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Nov 20, 2011
This can be helped by...
by: Anonymous

I, and my colleagues at work who have worked with a lot of kids with ASD, believe that sensory hyper or low sensitivity is the missing part of an ASD diagnosis. Your son's anxiety may be increased by environmental trigger such as lighting, low or high level noise, touch etc. so it would be well worth you and the school looking at ways to reduce the triggers for him such as working in a quiet area or if this is not possible a quiet area to retire to at times of overwhelm or at break times or tinted glasses to reduce glare of lights if he finds this unbearable or ear plugs. Also ensure he is wearing clothing he finds comfortable. Careful questioning of him may help deduce what his individual triggers are or an assessment by a sympathetic and up to date occupational therapist.
A stress ball or some other discrete soother and to keep in his pocket for him to use at times of stress can help a lot.

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