Down Syndrome Treatment, Prevention, Cures

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The best options for Down syndrome treatment of symptoms, usually focuses on medical conditions and therapies. However, early nutritional intervention is showing a prevention of many characteristics despite the claim that there are no cures for Down syndrome.

This is because the condition is due to a chromosomal abnormality, but if the effects of the abnormality are corrected the ultimate result could prevent your typical symptoms.

Down Syndrome Treatment for Medical Conditions

By conducting regular checkups with a healthcare provider, individuals diagnosed can receive the proper treatments if needed for any medical symptoms they may be at risk of having. One of the most common conditions includes congenital heart disease, which can lead to surgery.

Certain medications may be necessary for some related disorders, such as thyroid disease or seizure disorders. The use of psychotropic medications may also be required to help with any mental health complications.

Therapies used in Treatment for Down Syndrome

Down syndrome characteristics will usually include a mild to moderate cognitive disability. Therefore, children may require special education services and other types of therapy.

Speech therapy may be helpful for children that are having a difficulty communicating. They may even implement a picture exchange communication system or teach sign language. Occupational therapy can help a child that also has related sensory processing difficulties.

Behavioral therapies can be extremely important for supporting parents that are dealing with impulsiveness or aggressive tendencies. I have multiple pages with behavior help for many of the associated behavioral challenges. Some of these include:

How to deal with Temper Tantrums
Transition strategies for children that have difficulties changing activities.
Tips for aggressive children
Self Injury

Nutritional Down Syndrome Treatment

While there may be some disputes in relation to this type of treatment, providing all children with appropriate nutrition is extremely important. A child is unable to function properly without the right nutrients. You may have discovered my advocacy for this important part of helping any child with developmental disabilities or behavioral challenges after reading my free ebook Child Behavior Guide: What you need to know.

Proper nutrition is especially important for children with Down syndrome. This is due to metabolic imbalances that occur as a result of the chromosomal abnomality. A small group of motivated individuals, including doctors claim to have found that the developmental disability and physical defects are not all present at birth, but develop over time due to these metabolic imbalances. Evidence suggests the possibility of Down syndrome prevention of symptoms if nutritional intervention is done in the early stages of life.

For more information of the recommended protocol you can go to and click on The Warner Protocol for Trisomy 21.

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