2012 Halloween Photo
Contest Rules

Please read all rules before submitting any photos

The following contest rules are valid for the 2012 Halloween Photo Contest for Kids:

• Pictures submitted must be no larger than 650x600 pixels.

• To receive a prize for this free online photo contest, entries must provide a working email address so the contestant can be contacted. The winner must then respond within 5 calendar days and (if necessary, depending on the prize) provide a valid physical mailing address to receive their prize, otherwise the prize will not be awarded.

Oompa Loompa Halloween Costume

• All entries will be checked for appropriateness and copyright violations. Entries which do not follow the rules or are otherwise inappropriate for this website will be discarded without notice.

• Entries will be judged by myself and two additional photo enthusiasts (listed below) initially narrowed down by photos with the highest number of submitted votes/comments for a photo with ratings of 3 stars or higher. Be sure to let your friends and family know about the contest so they can submit their votes.

• Comments will be screened and may be edited before being posted. Only positive comments will be posted.

• By entering the contest you agree to allow your photo(s) to be displayed on child-behavior-guide.com.

• The decision of the judges is final.

• These rules are effective September 15, 2012.

Eligibility to enter the photo contest for kids:

You are eligible to enter a picture into this contest if you:

a.) Enter by using the form at photo contest for kids entry page. Entries submitted in any other way will be discarded.

b.) Are a resident of the United States or Canada (contest offer is void if prohibited in your locality)

c.) Are 13 years of age or older. Submissions from children age 12 and under should be made by their parents. Teens should have their parent's or guardian's consent to enter the contest.

d.) Took the photo (or photos) yourself. Also, your entries must be pictures of you and/or your own children. If a friend is also in your picture you must have your friend's permission or the friend’s guardian’s permission to enter your photo into this contest. Professional studio photos are discouraged, since we may not publish these photos (due to copyright issues.)

Lego Frankenstein Costume

a) Entries for the 2012 Halloween Photo Contest will be accepted beginning September 16, 2012. The last date to register for the contest will be November 7, 2012. Pictures must be received by this date.

b) Votes will be accepted until November 17, 2012.

c) Several days will be needed for processing the pictures, and then the votes for each submission will be tallied. It may take about 2 weeks for the tallying process. Winners will be announced by the end of November if all goes well.

Entry requirements for the picture contest

In order to be eligible, your picture must meet the following requirements:

a) All entries must have at least 150 words. Please try to be grammatically correct and ensure that your submitted photo is upright. If your costume is homemade, please include instructions on how to make it, if possible, as there have been a lot of requests for this in previous entries.

b) You must submit an original digital photo. Your submission must have been taken by yourself (or by your minor child for whom you are making the submission.) If you do not have a digital camera, you may send a digitally scanned image, instead.

c) Your picture must be compatible with the "family friendly" nature of this website. Entries may not contain any content that:

  1. Is sexually suggestive, explicit nor would be offensive to the many parents reading this website with their young children.
  2. Promotes dangerous stunts, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, weapons, hatred or other harmful activitiesc) Pictures submitted must be no larger than 650 X 600 pixels.

Number and handling of entries

Pick your best photo! Each contestant may submit only ONE picture of a particular scene, and a maximum of 2 different pictures in total to the competition. Please send good-quality photos. Pictures may be eliminated from the contest before counting votes for reasons including the following: too dark to see the picture; blurry; too small to be seen easily by others, etc.

Although you may enter up to 2 pictures, you may only win one prize. If more than one of your photos tally up a large number of votes, you will be awarded the highest prize for which you qualify, and your lower-level prize must be forfeited.

Meet the Judges

Elizabeth Crosby

Liz is a Magazine Art Director and photo enthusiast in the Chicago, IL area. Part of her coursework at Kendall College of Art & Design (Grand Rapids, MI) included a class in photography. She is also an avid scrapbooker regularly seeking photo opportunities of her family.

Kaytie Palmiter

Kaytie is a high school teacher, former yearbook advisor and photo enthusiast in the Lansing, MI area. Photography is a hobby of hers, in which she has taken multiple photography classes in effort to improve her photo taking abilities. She is also an avid scrapbooker regularly seeking photo opportunities of her family.

Rachel Skinner (myself)

Rachel is the author and owner of the website child-behavior-guide.com hosting this contest. She has also taken a photography class while at Western Michigan University and is regularly looking for good quality photos to feature on her website.

Awarding of contest prizes

After the winners of the contest have been decided, the winning pictures will be displayed for public view, along with a list of the winner's names. Winners will be contacted by email. (When you enter, please give an email address that you check regularly. This will not be sold or used for spam.)

It can be difficult or impossible to locate winners who do not check or abandon their email addresses during the contest. If you don't receive a winning email, be sure to check the winner's list just in case, sign up for the child behavior blog or follow us on facebook (upper right hand part of this page) as I will also use these to announce when the winners have been decided. Child-Behavior-Guide.com will send a follow-up email if you don't answer the first one.

However, we reserve the right to award your prize to the next-highest scoring contestant if you do not answer your 2nd winner's announcement within one week. Once the winners have been notified by email...and have responded...their gift cards will be mailed to them!

What are the prizes?

The first place winner will receive $125 gift card to Target! The 2nd place winner (voter's choice) will receive a $75 gift card to Toys 'R Us. All other submitted entries will be placed in a raffle to win a $50 gift card to Amazon.com!

How do I enter the contest?

All entries must be submitted by using the form at photo contest for kids entry page. Entries submitted in any other way will be discarded.

Sound like fun? Be thinking about photo opportunities that you'll want to enter!

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