Child Running Away

by John

What should be the approach to my son who tried to run away from my home?

Question: He is always having problems at school with his peers. Teachers told me that he is an attention seeking person. Sometimes it turns out to be negative.

However, recently he has held his peers hand strongly for which the teacher wrote a note for the parents in his diary. As it is immediately after one incident took place two days prior, he ran away from the school.

However, once the sun set he got scared and called us to go and pick him up. This took around 4 hours and really we were in such a worst situation.

Answer: I think that it would be a really good idea to sit down and talk with your son and his teacher. Try to figure out the real reason he ran away and is having problems in school.

Yes, it could be an attention seeking behavior, but it could also be due to the work being too hard or kids teasing him behind the teacher's back.

Let him know that you aren't mad at him and you just want to help him, but you can't do that unless he talks to you. I would also temporarily restrict his freedom at home and at school.

Tell him it is not a punishment, but that until he shows that he isn't going to run away again you need to ensure his safety. Have him stay near a teacher at all times when in school.

You may even have him stay near you when at home at all times temporarily. Gradually give him more freedom as he shows you he isn't going to run away any more. If he does it again, start all over with his restriction of freedom.

Good luck!

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