Constantly making noises

Question: My 6 year old boy has just learned how to whistle. Along with this noise at home and school he cannot go 5 minutes without making some kind of noise. Help.

Answer: Try designating a particular area of your house for him to make the noises he wants to make. Then, starting at home direct him to that area whenever he starts making noise. You can say, "Uh oh, that hurts my ears, if you want to make that noise then you need to ...(go to your room and shut the door)." Direct him to the area and say, "As soon as you are done, you can come back and join us."

You may have to do this a lot at first, until he realizes that you will not let him make the noise in your presence. If he really feels the need to make the noise for simple fun, he should start going to the area on his own first before making the noises.

Avoid showing any signs of anger or frustration. This could be reinforcing the behavior. Sometimes it is fun for children to see how they can control the temper and emotions of another person with their own behavior.

If you allow him to make noises under your control by simply redirecting him to an appropriate area and avoid showing any frustration he will likely stop for these reasons. Just be sure to remain consistent as it could get worse before it gets better in effort for him to try as hard as possible to obtain that reinforcement.

School may also consider finding a place for him as well, but should be careful that if he wants to leave the classroom it could ultimately reinforce his behavior as a way to get out of doing schoolwork.

They might do something different, such as for every minute he disrupts the class with the noises, he has to spend making up after school or during recess time.

The teacher could use a stop watch timer to keep track of it starting and stopping as necessary (they would probably appreciate if you provided that if you are able) and say every 1-2 minutes, "Uh oh, looks like you will have to spend 2 minutes in class during recess (or after school)." Then, "Uh oh, looks like you will now have to spend 4 minutes in class during recess (or after school).

Good luck!

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Constant noise

Question: My son is 12 years old. He is constantly making some sort of noise-drumming, singing songs, talking unnecessarily or simply making loud noises.
Is this normal?


Answer: These characteristics sound like he has some issues with hyperactivity. This can be very normal for boys, as they tend to be more hyperactive than girls.

If it is accompanied by additional symptoms, such as constantly interrupting, impulsive behavior, inability to pay attention to what is being said, then I would say you may want to investigate why he is doing these things.

It's possible that he may be reacting to caffeine, food dyes or have a food allergy that is causing him to have hyperactive behavior.

If it is accompanied by other concerning behaviors, then I would say it may not be normal. Otherwise, I think you have nothing to worry about. Boys will be boys!

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