Autism Biomedical Treatment

Chelation therapy, Gluten Casein Free Diet and More

Doctor evaluating a little girl in regards to autism biomedical treatments

Learn about the most promising autism biomedical treatment options, including an anti-yeast diet or allergy desensitization. While ABA autism therapy is considered one of the best treatments, I believe it becomes much more successful when also applied along with biomedical treatments.

Not all children on the spectrum will need this type of healing, but for those that do it can make all the difference in the world. I personally like the book Healing the new childhood epidemics: ADHD, Autism, Allergies and Asthma by Kenneth Bock as a great option to learn extensive information about biomedical treatment.

His methods include a detailed medical profile with special attention to mercury and/or lead poisoning, other toxins, special diets, nutritional deficiencies, autism and vaccinations, food sensitivities and PANDAS (Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorder Associated with Streptococcus).

One of the most frequently used autism biomedical treatments is a special diet or more specifically the gluten casein free diet due to the theory that the two can cause foggy thinking. However, many people are unaware that symptoms of candida overgrowth can cause spaciness as well. This is also corrected with a special anti-yeast diet along with nutritional supplements. The two diets may be combined depending on the child’s need.

Other Considerations in
Autism Biomedical Treatment

Another common symptom of some children on the spectrum is a high level of toxins found within the body. This may be indicated by biochemical imbalances including: heavy losses of tryptophan via the urine; high sarcosine levels, indicating toxicity; an increase in creatinine levels suggesting mild kidney damage that is most likely toxin related; low glutathione levels, probably due to excessive oxidiate stress; and levels of lead, mercury, arsenic or antimony.

Some people believe that vaccines cause autism because they may contain some of these toxins and choose not to vaccinate as a result. His book provides an alternative schedule for parents to follow as opposed to simply not vaccinating at all and nutritional supplements to take before and after each immunization to help boost the immune system and prevent toxic build up.

Dr Bock’s book provides great insight for what tests can be done to identify these as contributing factors or possibly even autism causes and how to go about treatment for them. I highly recommend checking out this book with his groundbreaking program for the 4-A Disorders.

If you do decide to utilize alternative treatments, please be sensitive to recommendations for aggressive chelation therapy or other treatments with adverse side effects. These can be harmful to the body and any treatments used should be helping your child get better, not making them worse. 

There are a number of physicians now that can help you to identify whether your child may have toxic build up or nutritional deficiencies. One I highly recommend that I utilize myself and is also a friend of mine can treat patients through Telemedicine, so you don't have to live near her office to get an appointment! Here is her website and be sure to tell her you found her info on Child Behavior Guide.

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