6 yr old Granddaughter Overly Obsessed with Males

Question: My 6 yr old granddaughter takes over any male that visits to the point where she is a pest. Afterwards she talks about how she loves him and wants to kiss him.

She'll play with her Ken dolls constantly kissing the Barbie dolls. She told us the other day how in Kindergarten she played basketball with the boys (she said she pushed a certain boy out of her way because he wouldn't let her). She didn't want to play with the girls.

Am I being overly concerned about this? My son says I am and it's just a 6 yr old with an imagination. ??????

Answer: At this age, some girls can be very interested in boys already. I would be more concerned if she is engaging in inappropriate behavior with those boys.

It may also have something to do with the types of movies she may be watching. Sometimes the fairy tale princess movies can cause young girls to focus on boys or "A Prince" in their eyes because that's what they see in the movies.

You may casually mention to her that there are more important things than boys and talk about successful independent women you know. However, if her parents aren't too concerned I'm not sure there is much you can do.

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