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Bonus Child Behavior Tips and Updates, Issue #009 -- teaser here
November 17, 2010

November Newsletter 2010

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope the holidays treat you well. We are eagerly awaiting our newest addition to the family with about 6 weeks left to go! Mr C has continued doing well in school, but his asthma has suddenly taken a turn for the worst. I tried to eliminate the last medication, which is a corticosteroid and it turned into daily use of albuterol and all previously used medications to help with symptoms.

He also caught a terrible cold with an ear infection, so we are slowly trying to regain his health. I guess as you are trying to heal the body there can be ups and downs as the body adjusts. However, I am determined to figure out the solution to this as I find it difficult to believe that he should have to be on multiple medications, including steroids and albuterol (what I also refer to as liquid speed) for an extended period of time.

My latest research has been regarding MSG or monosodium glutamate. This is actually known to provoke and cause asthma symptoms among many other health problems including symptoms of ADHD, sensory challenges, and Alzheimer’s disease. It is an “excitotoxin” or neurotoxin that leading neuroscientists say has degenerative and deadly effects on the brain and nervous system.

The worst part is that it has almost 30 different names and after reading the labels of what we generally eat, it’s in everything! Even meat that we were buying has ingredients that are considered to also be MSG and products that say no MSG are not necessarily MSG free.

Research shows that in the 1950’s the average person in America consumed about 12 g of MSG each year. Now, it is estimated to be around 400-500g per person/per year. How could this not be affecting our health? Could this be the missing link to the latest health epidemics? For more information check out the following brochure on MSG. updates

Potty Training Tips - that will also work well for children with autism, including:
How to Start Potty Training
Using a Potty Chart
Free Potty Charts
When to start potty training
3 Day Potty Training Guide – DAY 1
Tips on Potty Training – DAY 2
Potty Training Guide for Public Places – DAY 3
Potty Training Tools
Potty Training a Bowel Movement
Potty Training Accidents
Potty Training Regression

Diet Tips for Picky Eaters
Incentive Chart for Picky Eaters
Free Social Stories
Pecs Pictures
ADHD Screening
ADHD Misdiagnosis

What’s in the News?

Autism Road

From the creators of the first web browser developed for children with autism, now comes Autism Road. Autism Road is the first community platform allowing families to find the best places and services for people with autism spectrum disorders such as Asperger syndrome, pervasive developmental disorders (PDD), and PDD-NOS.

John LeSieur of People CD says, “Too many families suffer from isolation and I wanted to regroup a free Internet site where parents can find the best places, services and events in their sector as well as anywhere else that they might travel in the world.”

Autism Road has been created for three important reasons:

1. Autism Road sheds light on the best places, services and events for the autism spectrum.
2. Autism Road allows parents to describe their personal experiences and add their appreciation vote for each place, service and event.
3. Autism Road provides a list of places that are not recommended.

For more information go to The Autism News.

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